Vis climate

The pleasant climate of the island

The climate of Vis is a typical mild Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters. The average annual temperature is higher than 16°C. Summer temperatures are generally from 25 to 30 ° C and winter between 5 and 15°C. The temperature on the island very rarely falls below zero.

A mild and pleasant climate is evidenced by numerous plantations of lemons, oranges and palm trees, as well as wild lavander and rosemary, which fill the air with their fragrance.

Sea temperatures in summer are around a pleasant 25°C, but swimming is often possible even earlier, in May, with the water only one or two degree cooler.

Annual average rainfall is less than 800 mm, which is less than the average of the surrounding islands and the mainland.

In winter, the most frequent winds from the south, and in the summer the island usually enjoys a refreshing pleasant breeze.